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Park and Shawn are the inspired husband and wife team that drives all of the projects and events here at A 432 Life. Shawn and Park have been working together on this incredible project since 2015.


Park brings programming skills, mathematics, musicianship, ingenuity and energy to the team. Shawn brings business experience, spirituality, imagination, and an infectious love of life that has energized our company.


Together, they are a dynamic duo of creativity in both their personal and professional lives, bringing a fun, positive spirit to every moment - and everyone - they encounter. They have a joy for life ... and it's contagious! 


Park Anderson

Software Engineer, Writer, Inventor, Musician

Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems

Founder & President, CIO (Creator. Inventor. Originator.)

Park is a software Engineer, musician, writer and inventor of the spArxx Genesys™ SaaS platform, and the spArxx Tonal Palettes™ ... our revolutionary, patented, back-to-the-future, hardware and software tuning system.

Park Anderson

Creator. Inventor. Originator.


Shawn Elaine Anderson

Bachelor of Metaphysical Science and

Masters in Metaphysical Science

University of Metaphysics, International

Sedona, Arizona

Masters, Human Resource Management

Co-Founder & Secretary, Resonance Advisor

Shawn is is a Doctoral Candidate in Metaphysical Sciences at University of Sedona, and she is also working on her forthcoming book "It's A 432 Life".

Shawn Elaine Anderson

Resonance Advisor



Canine Spirit Ambassador

Wire Wrangler, Company Mascot, Lover of A 432 Life Music, and Cattle Dog Extraordinaire!  

Finn was instrumental in our growth from inception through June 2022 when he passed over the rainbow bridge. He was our beloved Canine Ambassador for all SharkFinn Productions (Shawn, Park, Finn).


Canine Spirit Ambassador



Canine Ambassador

Princess Reign is a new addition to the A 432 Life pack, as of June 2023 ... the circle of life continues.


Canine Ambassador

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