Welcome to the Life in A432 Life! 

NATURE / Resonant Living

Welcome to the Life in A 432 Life! 

Body. Mind. Spirit.

your life in harmony

Life … every breath on this plane is precious. At A 432 Life, our intent is to assist others on their journey for a more balanced and Resonant Life experience.

We are curators of all things that Resonate with us. In addition to our tunings and music, we’re excited and blessed to be able share our amazing findings with those who truly feel and know (in these current times now more than ever) that more natural, Resonant Living is crucial to create a satisfying Life experience.


This A 432 Life NATURE / Resonant Living  section is where you can find links to products and information regarding healthy food and eating patterns including even our favorite wines, all natural supplements that have the potential to rebuild a stronger you, exciting Eastern medicine healing and exercise modalities,  and even simple tips for just getting a better nights’ sleep … all the things that can help us all be more Resonant.

We share books and other sources that have lead us to where we are today and guides that can help us to a better tomorrow.  Body. Mind and Spirit.

Our Founder, Park Anderson, is a survivor of a trilogy of major incidents that could have taken him from this plane, but clearly he had more work to do and share to benefit Humanity. As his wife, co-founder and Resonance Advisor, we know that simple kindness and charity breathe life into Spirit. With our deep roots in Arizona, together, we champion a “Give where you Live” pledge to three local worthy causes. 


Follow our journey, and learn more about how supporting small, ethically-run businesses (like A 432 Life), that have strong ties to their local communities, can benefit everyone.

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