Here at A 432 Life, we're all about technology ... especially when it comes to Music! Musicians will be especially interested in our software and hardware products, which allow Music Makers to unleash the subtle metaphysical powers of Natural Ancient Tunings.

Our unique music hardware and software combine to allow composers and musicians to hear a whole new landscape of resonant textures and tonal colors while still playing their instrument using exactly the same fingerings, chords and scales they already know.

Specifically designed to reach deep into your subconscious mind, our Patent Pending spArxx Tonal Palettes™ and True A432™ tunings will unlock a world of fresh new ideas ... and will also breathe new life into that unfinished melody, song or opus that just needs a little extra 'spark' to push it to completion.

spArxx Tonal Palettes™ - Patent Pending

Custom tuning software

spArxx K-P0™

Custom MIDI Controller for playing Alternative Tunings

Coming soon!

spArxx Genesys™  Music Generation System

Patent Pending

Mobile App and SASS for composers using alternative tunings

Coming soon!

Musicians: Custom AU plugins for your DAW