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We blend music, nature and technology

Here at A 432 Life, our mission is to bring our unique blend of music, nature, and technology to the world. Our holistic approach to weaving music and life together is designed for musicians and musicophiles, yogis and yoginis, metaphysical practitioners and followers, Zen masters and students alike.

"Resonance patterns are

the cosmic harmony of life."

- Park Anderson

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe,

think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." 

- Nikola Tesla


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Energize your Creativity

Our spArxx Tonal Palettes™ are unique algorithmically-generated patterns of frequencies and intervals that will unleash your creativity and original music like never before!


Our patented spArxx Genesys™ Tuning Generation System is a SaaS platform that uses our exclusive math-based Fractal Tuning algorithms to generate custom digital tuning output.

Visit out our Music Technology page for more information.

A revolutionary new way to boost your creative output.


spArxx Tonal Palettes™

 For Music Composition and Film Scoring 

An artistic interpretation of creativity, with two faces, cosmic geometry, colored smoke and a human eye

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