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Squid Go Pro vs. The Princess and The Pea: To regenerate, or not to regenerate, that is the question

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Park and I recently watched the documentary My Octopus Teacher, which was released in September 2020. It had been "on our list" for over a year.

We do own a TV, but we do not have cable (no daily news on, haunting us all day long in this house) just subscriptions to Amazon Prime, Gaia and Netflix. The telly is never just "on in the background ".

Music sets the stage and backdrop in our house 95% of the time, so when we commit to some TV couch time, we must choose and choose well. There are a lot of sci-fi shows and movies on the docket. In fact, one of our very first dates back in 2012 was Prometheus.


When we finally settled in for this hour and a half Academy Award-winning documentary, I was not quite sure what to expect, but I resonated immediately with Craig Foster, the filmmaker and "pupil".

He was depleted by an insane filming schedule on projects all over the world until he decided, (well, his heart and soul already knew) that he needed to get off the crazy train and get himself centered again. I know all too well that same unraveling; my own prompting event was in Corporate America.

Foster began filming underwater in kelp forests just off the beaches of South Africa, near Cape Town, where he spent a lot of his childhood. It is there that he had a close encounter of the 8th kind, and developed a curious relationship with a female Octopus.

I joked with Park that clearly they must have had a GoPro on this Squid’s head in order to score some of the astounding footage.

Though I know technically an Octopus is not a Squid, I could not resist the word play on Quid Pro Quo and Squid Go Pro.

Towards the end of film, there is a cameo with Foster’s son, reacquainting with both his Father and nature, and fully enjoying being under the sea in the Octopus’s garden in the shade.

As I didn’t see any headgear on the eight-armed beauty, clearly the Teacher was sans a GoPro. I then thought perhaps it was Foster’s son capturing the mesmerizing interaction between mollusk and man.

It turns out that, though never shown in the film, Roger Horrocks is the underwater cinematographer responsible for those wonderful Kodak moments caught on film between the Teacher’s Pet, Foster, and the Teacher herself.


Enter the antagonist of the film, a Pyjama Shark. Foster’s Teacher is now Prey. She survives an attack by escaping his clutches, retreating and burrowing into her den, but she sacrifices an arm in the process. She falls ill from the massacre, but thankfully she recuperates, regenerating her arm in a couple of months.

Regeneration has been weighing on my mind for the past year and a half. After falling rather ill myself three years ago, initially all symptoms seemed a mystery, until all was diagnosed last June.

Due to certain autoimmune issues, I have severe Small Fiber Neuropathy, both length dependent and (the more painful) non-length dependent ... in addition to Autonomic Neuropathy.

Resonating with the Octo theme in this blog ... October is Dysautonomia Awareness Month.

To date, there are no known cures for any of the Dys-Autonomias (dys-functions of the Autonomic Nervous System). I was part of a virtual walk campaign that raised 104K for further research.

The Autonomic Nervous System, ANS, is responsible for all the body functions we don’t (well shouldn’t) have to think about working: blood pressure, heart rate, temperature regulation, digestion and well, breathing, to name a few.

We are told by my Neurologist that my nervous system symptoms can be managed, but not cured. The probability for my regeneration is slim to none, as my test results proved ZERO fibers, truly a complete absence of the fibers ... nothing to be regenerated.

Keeping a pretty hectic pace in corporate America for 30 years, and ignoring my immune system when it was struggling while being attacked ( just like the Octopus Teacher in the film), resulted in my "injuries".

I refer to Park and I as The Princess and The Pea, the famous Hans Christen Andersen fairy-tale. The Princess can feel even just a single pea at the bottom of 20 mattresses, evidence that she is a "true" Princess. That is what neuropathy feels like. The absolute tiniest irritation is so painful. And, it just so happens that Park’s initials are P.E.A. Thus, we are The Princess and The Pea!


There is a constant buzz in the metaphysical and quantum science communities of being able to heal yourself of any ill.

I do agree that mind is over matter … and that we are able to manifest and bring into being our thoughts. But I am referring to the conscious, spiritual mind that is One with all, not the Ego mind. Park and I believe in being as healthy as can be: medically, financially, psychologically, spiritually and metaphysically; therefore we certainly take appropriate actions in all of those areas of Life.

Nevertheless, being less than perfect prompted me to to question my essence as the Resonance Advisor, the Metaphysical Mascot if you will, to A 432 Life.

Am I a fundamental metaphysical fraud that I have medical conditions that cannot be cured, reversed or regenerated? How am I not at the epitome of epigenetics, as I have immersed myself in my metaphysical studies the past three years, after falling ill? (Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and e