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Independence Day Reflections on Voting, Music and the Return of the Crown

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

July 4, 1776: the day The Declaration of Independence was signed in America, by 56 individuals from the initial 13 colonies, declaring Independence from the Monarchy of Great Britain in hopes of Democracy. The first “Independence Day” celebration was held on 7/4/1777 - and that is when Fireworks were invited to the table.

No wonder slot machines are so loud when the 777 jackpot hits! For the first time in over 10 years, I hit the triple 7’s on our slot machine in our living room - just 10 days before Park was awarded the Patent for his spArxx Genesys™ Fractal Tuning software on March 16, 2023.

One of the tuning patches is 10 notes per octave in honor of Pythagoras himself! (All knowledge of the Universe can be gained from studying the Tetraktys and its 10 dots.)

After the Declaration of Independence was signed July, 4 1776, each of the 13 former English Colonies were then responsible for adopting their own State Constitutions, including laws on Voting.

In this mosaic graphic, below, from the Wisconsin State Capital building, the Roman Goddess, Libertas, is wearing a Crown of Acanthus over a Phrygian Cap as she points to the heavens above with her left hand and holding an antique “ballot box” in her right arm.

The Red Phrygian Cap has been equated with "Liberty" in both the American and French Revolutions, but there are some who speculate that the Greek Pileus Hat was the original inspiration for the Liberty Cap.

It’s been 247 years since America declared Freedom and the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness … but also America has spent that many years working to achieve virtuous voting in governmental elections.

This ballot ‘box’ is a glass Sphere in a Square resembling the bottom half of an hour glass. The cast iron spindles on the 4 corners are possibly emulating the legs of the chairs of those who signed the Declaration (or representing Alchemy as I will discuss later). The glass globe’s functional intent is providing 'Transparency' that a voting process should clearly embody.

Samuel C. Jollie of New York City presented his Ballot Box invention to the Mayor of New York just prior to the 1857 elections, in an effort to help ensure virtue in governmental voting practices. He filed for a Patent for his “ballot box” and it was awarded October 5, 1858.

Antique voting box with glass ball
Image courtesy of NY Historical Society

Jollie was a Music publisher and instrument store front merchant. Jollie’s song “Methinks Thou Smilest In Thy Sleep” was published in 1850, before his ballot box invention in 1857.

This song was derived from a poem by Thomas Hood, an English Poet born in London 1789-1845. Thomas Hood was born into a family of bookshop owners and claims that his Grandfather was the first bookseller to trade with America.

Hood was a humorist and his poems and caricatures had many double meanings. Once Hood wrote, “however critics may take offense, a double meaning has double sense” .

Double Meaning may have also been Jollie’s intent of using Hood's Lyrics in publishing the song in 1850, which was perhaps also a double or symbolic meaning for his ballot box of 1857, when he sang "...while I this midnight vigil keep"?

Going back to our “Liberty” hat ... there is a hypothesis that actually, the more conical Greek Pileus hat (as seen below to the left) is a more ancient ... and perhaps more accurate ... original symbol of Liberty. This, because of depictions in Greek artworks, as well as some later historical texts indicating that the slaves Libertas freed from Caesar chose to wear conical Pileus hats to display their freedom.

Compare that ancient, proud symbol of freedom (below left) with the 2nd Century Roman statue of a Dacian Prisoner ... in a Phrygian Liberty Cap, (below right) where the apex of the hat is NOT conical, but is instead bent forward and downward.

Perhaps Samuel Jollie found this Liberty hat symbolism Iron-ic as well. Perhaps he garnered more sense of the symbolism of the more triangular coned shaped Pileus hat that originated from Greece. And then possibly drawing even more connections to symbolism of the Philosopher's Stone to his Ballot Box as well? When I initially saw his ballot box, that was the first connection I drew upon.

"Connecting the dots" is how I get my "Jollies"! And Like Hood, I consider myself a humorist as well, but I cannot be any more serious about my study and connections with Greek history and symbolism.

The Squared Circle: An Alchemical Symbol of the 17th century illustrating the interplay of the 4 elements of matter, earth, water, air and fire.

The Greeks believed that these 4 basic elements made up all matter.

Just like Pythagoras' Tetraktys, If we replace the 10 round dots with Hebrew yods, the Tetraktys now looks like the picture below. (And it is Hebrew letters that were then adopted into Tetraktys that form the Tetragrammatron.)

Yods are symbolic of flames, and the triangle itself is symbolic of fire. As the statue of Liberty in New York has a flame in her torch, perhaps that is a Nod to the Yod, and that is how the Phrygian cap got the spotlight for Freedom? Or perhaps iron-y? I don't know, but what I do know 4 certain ... I just like to try to connect the dots...

There is some scuttlebutt over the Freedom headgear. Regardless if it is the Greek Pileus hat or the Phrygian cap that is the true Freedom-noggin-hugger representing Liberty, this hat contrast will most likely remain a controversy, an allegory or even an alchemy! If anything, it has certainly made me a mad hatter.


As stated earlier in the blog, Park’s Patent-Awarded Software: spArxx Genesys™ was selected for admission to the 2023 MIDI Innovation Awards. (MIDI - Musical Instrument Digital Interface)

We are not asking you to take a Jolly (a British term for a fun trip) to California to the MIDI Association to vote ... so below is the most certainly virtuous, 100% virtual, electronic voting process.

CALL TO ACTION! PLEASE VOTE for Park's Patented Software: spArxx Genesys™ - Custom Tuning Generation System!

1.). Simply CLICK the "VOTE" voting box image link: 2.) Enter your EMAIL and the "I AM NOT A ROBOT" verification. 3.) Then CLICK the LAST RED hyperlink at the very BOTTOM: Software Prototype/Non-Commercial products (not commercial YET, but ours will be very soon!) 4.) Park's spArxx Genesys™ is thee LAST (13th) product listed

5.) Anyone who votes MUST vote for THREE products total.

6.) A BLUE check-mark appears once selected.

REMEMBER to Vote for 3 products total ... Clearly the MIDI Association is creating a balanced voting process! And we REALLY appreciate 1 of your 3 VOTES being for our spArxx Genesys™.

We never gave up on the vision that all started with the spArk from the Universe Park had 3 months after we got married 8 years ago. It truly has been A 432 Life!

Voting ends on July 21, 2023 and the winners will be selected Sept. 16, 2023.

Just like the original 13 colonies represented for the signing of the Declaration of Independence, there are only 13 total products in the non-commercial (not currently for sale) prototype category that Park's spArxx Genesys™ was accepted into for the competition.

One of Park’s tuning patches is Serpens 13. Olphiuchus The Serpent Bearer is the 13th constellation and is the basis for the inspiration for the rod of Aesculapius, the Greek God of Healing. We absolutely know in our hearts and souls that music is a healing modality.

Votes outside of the official judging panel DO help toward the overall process. The winners get multiple international opportunities for music industry exposure, including: an opportunity to exhibit at Music China in Shanghai this October 11-14, participation in this fall's Sound on Sound Synthfest in the UK, a booth at the next NAMM Conference in California, and much, much more.

The Blending of Science (Park’s algorithm and frequency patterns) and Spirituality (the deep metaphysical, historical and symbolic meanings behind the numbers) truly does make beautiful music.

Thank you all for Voting for Us! We NEED Your Support!


Though I whole-heartedly enjoy my many Freedoms of the USA, I must say that I have been on the edge of my seat, sitting uncomfortably, like the Queen herself meeting with her Prime Ministers, awaiting the the final and 6th Season of “The Crown”.

Filming for Season 6 ended April 21, 2023. Perhaps I will get the guilty pleasure of some afternoon tea and viewing of this sensationalized version of the history of the life of the British Monarchy before 2023 comes to a close.

A 432 Life 4-Cast for the 2nd half of the 2023: Abundance! It's your play, be the star!

As Camilla states, "You do not find the Happy life, you make it".

This quote above is by Camilla Eyring Kimball (not the Queen) but I know in my soul this is Truth.

March 6, 2016 we were Royalty for a day. Lucky 7 years later on March 6, 2023 I got the Triple 7's on our slot machine, 10 days before Park was awarded the Patent. Great book-end visuals for this reflective and CALL TO ACTION blog ... Here Ye, Here Ye ... Please VOTE!!

As Wayne Dyer stated There's no scarcity of opportunity to make a living doing what you love, only scarcity in resolve.

I am going to scoot off now, see you in bit

Shawn Elaine Anderson,

Fairy Tale Queen, The Inventor's Wife, Muse and pro-bono Resonance Advisor.

Embrace resonance.

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