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In the Glyph of an Eye: A Mardi Gras unmasking of Alpha 3 & Spheres 5 Tunings

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

What is Mardi Gras? In French, the term literally means Fat Tuesday.

Carnival goers get the license to imbibe and be raucous the day before Ash Wednesday, which then starts the 6-week season of Lent, representing Christ’s 40 day and 40 night fasting in the desert, before he began his ministries.

'Carnelevarium' in Medieval Latin means 'removing the meat'. The French brought their traditions to the US when they landed in Louisiana in 1699, naming New Orleans their Port du Mardi Gras.

When I personally think of Mardi Gras celebrations, I don’t equate the masquerade debauchery and excessiveness to any of the straight-forward Christian teachings that I learned prior to my metaphysical quest. Certainly it is not uncommon over the last few thousands of years, to blend religious and pagan traditions together ... and moreover, in my opinion, it might be impossible to fully separate the two associations.

Masks worn during Mardi Gras celebrations allowed the Carnival attendees to escape society and class constraints. As a matter of fact, current law in New Orleans still requires float riders to wear a mask during the parade, to assure that the mystery and tradition of the festivities continues to live on.

Peacock feathers are a well-known adornment of the Mardi Gras masks. Peacocks have long represented Royalty, and even Divinity. All peafowl - known for their “eye”-like feathers - come from Indian subcontinents.

Photo credit Phoenix Art Museum, ink on silk, Shen Quan artist, 1742.

In Chinese culture, peacock feathers represent fame and good luck, as they enhance one's protection and awareness. Yes, I have a (fake) peacock bird (replete with long tail feathers) perched elegantly in our front picture window. I just love symbolism and its history. Peacock feathers are also used in Buddhist purification rituals.

The Greeks did not learn of this regal bird until Alexander the Great introduced it from India. But according to Ancient Greek Mythology, the bird was sacred to Hera, the wife of Zeus and Queen of the Gods and Sky. She was also the Goddess of women, marriage and marital harmony.

It is said that Pythagoras believed that the soul of Homer, the great Greek poet, went into a peacock when Homer died. Aristotle stated that the peacock’s flesh did not decay after death ... so, it's not surprising that the peacock was also adopted as a Christian symbol of resurrection and rebirth. Peacock feathers are used to adorn loved one's caskets, as when a peacock loses a feather, the feather forever retains its rich color ... much like how the memories of our loved ones never fade.

The Peacock is also a symbol of rejuvenation. Male peacocks molt their large plume of tail feathers each year after mating season. They mate after they reach full maturity at age 3.

Photo Credit: Winged Scarab Beetle amulet - Wikimedia commons

Peacocks are also revered in Egypt and linked with Ra, the Sun God, and are associated with the all-seeing Eye of Horus. The colors of the feathers are iridescent, like that of the scarab beetle ... also revered in Egypt. It is no wonder why, then, Peacock feathers are such a popular adornment of the Mardi Gras mask, with all of their symbolism and mythical representation.


Last Tuesday, Park and I participated in the World Sound Healing Day livestream event, which has been hosted by Jonathan and Andi Goldman for the past 20 years. We created and performed a live, audio-visual Meta-Sonic Valentine, sent out to Gaia, our Mother Earth.

The “Ah” sound chant that Park performed in his TrueA432 Alpha 3™ tuning was sent out as a sacred wave around the world. (You can watch a recording of it on our website! Just follow this link: and then click "Sign Up" to create a Free membership account on our site. By signing up, you'll help us build our subscriber base, plus you'll get perks like discounts, coupons, the ability to comment on blogs, and access to exclusive content ... like this fun Meta-Sonic Valentine video!)

We started at a low A 108 Hz frequency (108 Cycles per Second) , and resonated up from there. 108 is a sacred number in Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. The Alpha 3™ tuning palette that Park used to perform the 6 minute long meditation with amazing fractal graphics, was developed in honor to Pythagoras, and his his sacred 10 dot Tetraktys.

I fell in awe of the Tetraktys “glyph” starting around Thanksgiving of 2019. I became obsessed with the “10” and how the sacred numbers I was aware of in my metaphysical studies were tying into Park’s math and music. The 10 "dots" shown below are the Yod. The Yod is the simplest letter in the Hebrew alphabet. It is considered a "flame", and is the component of each Hebrew letter.

Yod means 'arm' or 'hand', and its numeric value is 10. It is said by the sages that the Yod does not mean 10 because we have 10 toes and fingers ... but rather, we have 10 toes and fingers because Yod means 10 ... 10 marking the perfect completion and order.

After I presented my case and illumination to Park, he used my inspiration to modify his Alpha 3™ tuning to a 10 notes per octave, TrueA432™ tuning. He'd already created the Spheres 5™ tuning, which incorporates the Pythagorean Theorem and math to the selected musical frequencies ... so now he also had a tuning that incorporated a tie-in to Pythagorean Tuning, and the number 10.

As Theon of Smyrna states, the Tetraktys and its 10 dots “is a symbol of greatest importance … to the discerning mind, it reveals the mystery of Universal Nature.” I used this in our presentation last week for World Sound Healing Day.

Though unmaksing at a Mardi Gras celebration is more of a taboo (well, heck even breaking the law if you rode a float on Fat Tuesday in New Orleans) we are excited to unmask and present to the world: spArxx Alpha 3™ and spArxx Spheres 5™.

A Mardi Gras mask partially obscuring a circle and triangle.

Our unmasking today (the unveiling of our Alpha 3™ and Spheres 5™ tuning palettes) depicts, visually, the Circle, the first of the 5 symmetrical geometric solids ... which according to the ancients is “the most perfect of all created forms” encompassing the Triangle - the symbol of surface, and delineating the power of the number 3.

A diagram depicting the intersection of Pythagorean Tuning, the Pythagorean Theorem, a circle, a triangle, the Eye of Horus, the Alpha 3 and Spheres 5 tunings, and the Syntonic Comma.

The mathematical difference between the 729 Hz in the Alpha 3™ tuning ‘3rd eye location’, and the 720 Hz in the Spheres 5™ tuning ‘3rd eye location’, is musically called the Syntonic Comma: an 81/80 ratio, which is 1.0125. 729/81 = 9, 9x80 = 720 & 720 x 1.0125 = 729.

As Park likes to say, “Within the power of the 10, lies the promise of Geometry.” And as Theon of Smyrma stated, “Pythorgoras’ Tetraktys reveals the mystery of all Universal Nature”. Our enlightenment the last couple of years has been truly life-altering for both of us.

I resonate with William Blake, the highly regarded poet, writer and artist from London in the late 1700’s. Blake believed geniuses of scientific invention and artistic creation had reached the level the of enlightenment he called Eternity.

I am intrigued and inspired by Blake’s painting, 'God the Architect' from his 1794 book "Ancient Days".

The piece represents God in the sun, and surrounded by clouds. The fingers on his left hand form a 90 degree angle while holding a compass, reflecting the Proverbs 8:27 and 8:28 (King James Version): “When He (God) set a compass upon the face of the depth. When He established the clouds above: when He strengthened the fountains of the deep”. (As Above, So Below)

Steven Hawking also used this image in his 2005 book, "God Created the Integers".

I will end with a famous Blake quote ...

"The pride of the Peacock is the Glory of God."

Until next time, where we will continue to explore the melding of the metaphysical and the physical; the blending of spirituality and science … and as always ….

Embrace resonance.

Shawn Elaine Anderson

Pro Bono Resonance Advisor of A 432 Life and Queen Hera of the household not only creating Matrimonial Harmony - and amazing Gumbo and King Cake this Mardi Gras and presented on a peacock patterned platter none the less ... I love the symbolism ...

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