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A 432 Life Hosts 'Life With Ghosts' 8/18-8/21. Calling our Dearly Beloved & Dearly Departed

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Chinese Ghost Month is 8/16-9/14, and the Festival of Hungry Ghosts is 8/30/23 ... Divine timing for us to host an exclusive premiere of this film.

Grab your popcorn and reserve your virtual spot now for a private viewing of an extraordinary award-winning documentary, "Life with Ghosts":

It’s true ... University of North Texas researchers tested and then endorsed "Induced After-Death Communication," a therapeutic technique that offers "ghostly relief" from grief. Best Documentary winner Life With Ghosts captured the study — and although not publicly available — you can REGISTER HERE for the private online screening August 18th - August 21st (which includes a LIVE Zoom Q&A with the filmmaker, Stephen Berkley). The short film and Q&A are both FREE, and the full feature is available with a small donation. The filmmakers captured the first-ever publicly funded facilitation of after-death contact. What’s more, the film shares the study’s conclusion — and it will rock your world!

Once reserved, the film viewing opportunity is from Friday August 18th - Monday, August 21st. A special, exclusive Q&A session will be on Monday, August 21st, with the film’s Writer/Director Stephen Berkley, beginning at 8 PM Eastern/5 PM Pacific. He is a dynamic, engaging personality with a personal connection to this topic ... don't miss this opportunity to ask your questions directly on the live Zoom call on August 21st.

We all have the ability to tap into our 6th sense to take us beyond our 5 senses of this plane’s existence to communicate with our departed loved ones. How and when did the knowledge that we have this ability get tamped down? Why did it become "taboo" to suggest that mere mortals can have such power to interact with non-humans?

The English word Taboo gets its roots from the Tongan/Polynesian word 'Tabu' which has various meanings including "sacred", "forbidden" or "to set apart". Perhaps Taboo’s meaning, therefore, is not only "forbidden"?

The word was discovered in Captain Cook’s log book in 1777 with the 'forbidden' definition, so that is what stuck. What if, instead, 'sacred' stuck? Then perhaps it would be taboo, aka sacred, to communicate with the deceased.

Words are funny, fickle things; as are the personal connotations we collectively and individually assign to them. Words hold their own vibration and energy. It is my intent to evoke emotions from my readers with my own personal and crAZy combinations and twists of the mere 26 letters in the English alphabet to emit a frequency that either you resonate with … or you do not.

For example, If I state the word GHOST, what do you immediately think of? Is the word "Ghost" bad or good to you … or, scary or not scary to you? In a Q&A I attended with the producer of "Life With Ghosts", Stephen Berkley, when I was first introduced to his film, I was joyed to hear his strong conviction to use the word "GHOST" in the film’s title. GHOSTS referring to those souls who have transitioned from this plane to the next. Yes, passed away. Died ... that potentially not-always-so-coveted 4 letter word.

Is the word GHOST too "spooky" for you? In a reference from 1801, the word "spook", comes from the Dutch word spooc/spook which means ghost, or even simply the word apparition which means "to become visible". But by the late 1800s, the word spook was synonymous with frightening. I personally prefer to NOT be frightened but rather … enlightened!

The term "Give up the Ghost" means "to release one’s spirit or soul at the time of death; the final breath" (the final breath from this human body, this meat suit we all possess, that houses our soul while on this plane of existence.) Some believe the soul lives on forever … some do not.

And, I am not getting "Moody" on you here, and don't want to give you the "Blues", but a beautiful thing about our human experience on this plane is our free will, and you get to decide which is right for you … and which is an illusion.


The Hebrew word Ruach (pronounced roo-akh) as referenced in the Bible refers to wind, and the spirit or breath of God. "Yahweh" is the Hebrew name of God. YHWH, the name of God as utilized in the Tetragrammaton is seen as the 4 Hebrew letters, Yod, Heh, Waw, Heh.

Tetragrammatron - Versailles 2007 P. Vasilladis

To physically express this word "Yahweh" (as a human being, you now need to be a human doing) use your lungs to breathe and actively speak this word which God has stated is: "I am that I am".

The Tetragrammaton was born from Pythagoras’ Tetracktys which I have referenced many times before in my writings. Tetra meaning 4 and Pythagoras’ Tetracktys representing 10 dots with 4 on the bottom row , then 3, then 2 then 1. Pythagoras believed that the entire Universe could be explained by the combination of 1+2+3+4=10. My kind of Math!

In relation to the Jewish Kabbalah Tree of Life, The Sefirot (the ten nodes) represent the TEN properties of the ineffable ONE, God. Out of Nothing…TEN. Analogous to the 10 fingers and the 10 toes. The lightning bolt of creation.

Here at A 432 Life, we pay homage to the sacred 10 with our music, where our Alpha 3 tuning is based on a 10 note per octave integer sequence, and is our own 'shout out' and tribute to Pythagoras ... the Polymath, who used knowledge across many subjects to solve complex problems. To God, Numbers, Letters and Sounds are all ONE. A=1 , so there you have it, A 432 = 1 432 = 10.

When the "dots" of the Tetraktys are replaced with the Yod, the Hebrew letter/symbol for 10, It appears as seen here. The Yod has been considered the finger of God. As in Michelangelo’s "Creation", where the Finger of God 'sparks' the creation of hu-Man out of nothing. Then the spark becomes a flame ... the Eternal Flame. The Eternal Flame is symbolic of something that will never end. To me, that eternal flame represents the soul, the spirit energy, we all posses. This body is not eternal. But the soul, in my opinion, never ceases. It is an eternal flame.

I see the 4 individual Yods in the bottom row in this model above as the 11:11 'Twin Flames'.

A metaphysical term used for 2 soul mates who have come together as ONE to achieve a special spiritual mission on this plane of existence.

Park and I got married at 11:11 AM on August 7, 2015, so it is our 8th Anniversary in 3 days … where the 2 became ONE. Twin Flames, the mirror souls where each half completes the other. Our tribute to the 22 note per octave integer sequence is in our Twin Flames tuning patch.


Necromancy has its roots in the Greek word Nekros meaning "Dead" and Mantia meaning "Divination". Summoning spirits from the other worlds is not a new concept. Its roots are ancient and typically benevolent, but unfortunately this practice of communicating with the dead - the souls that were once housed in physical body on this plane - has negative connotations attached as the timeline of human history has progressed.

The Greeks actually believed that as Egypt was so advanced in all day-to-day functionings that all knowledge must have arisen from Egypt. It is also well known that the Egyptians not only revered their dead, but absolutely practiced communing with the souls that have passed. It is clearly called out in the "Book of the Dead", a series of rites, prayers, and myths containing the Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife, first discovered as hieroglyphs on the walls of temples.

The Goddess, Hathor, was a major goddess in Egyptian religion. She was a sky deity, and also represented femininity and conception. She was known to cross the boundaries between the worlds. She helped the souls of the deceased bodies to the afterlife.

The temple of Dendera in Egypt is dedicated to Hathor. Hathor was said to have 7 names and faces. They are are: the Lady of the Universe, the Sky-Storm, the Hidden One; presiding over her place, You; from Khemmis, the Red-Hair, the Bright-Red and Your Name prevails over the West.

The Pleiades, an open star cluster that is closest to earth, is known as The Seven Sisters and was referred in Egyptian times as The Celestial Herd, thus why Hathor is typically represented with cow horns and a sun disk. Our Tuning patch, Hathor 7 is in honor of Hathor.

The Maia Star is the 4th brightest star of the Seven Sisters. The Maia Nebula was named after Maia who, In Greek Lore, was the Mother of Hermes, the herald of all Gods. Hermes could travel between the worlds as well and is known to be a Psychopomp: A "soul guide" - a conductor of souls into the afterlife.

In 1888, The Nebula was indexed in the New General Catalogue (NGC) as 1432. Remember that to God, Numbers, Letters and Sound are all ONE. As A=1, we could say ... or even chant it in 432 Hz ... Nebula 1432 IS the A432 Star Cluster in our amazing galaxy. It truly is an ... A 432 Life!

The Lions Gate Portal this year is 8/8/2023. It is one of the most anticipated cosmic events, where the abundance of positive high-frequency resonant energy helps us humans manifest our aspirations. It is called the Lions Gate Portal as it is when the Star Sirius is aligned with the Sun in Leo. Sirius in Greek means "Glowing".

August 16th (8+8=16) begins the "solar" phase of our business ... the public patent born the previous day ... into the light, after many (many!) years of "stealth" development - a very private gestation and birthing. We are fully ready to go with the flow of positive portal powers on Tuesday 8/8! Bring on the Lion's Gate double doors! We are ready for the next steps.


As stated previously in numerous blogs, many of the themes within A 432 Life concepts are derived from Jewish, Greek, Egyptian and Chinese Cultures. Thus our A 432 Life logo, an altered yin yang symbol denoting the Chinese Symbol for the balance of Male and Female energies, Light and Dark, Sun and Moon, Day and Night … yes, and even Life and Death.

Chinese Ghost Month is celebrated on the 7th Lunar Month and this year is from August 16 - September 14, 2023. The Month is an important one where the gates of the afterlife open and the Chinese believe that during this time, the spirits of the ancestors roam the living realm.

To appease the Hungry Ghosts, food is prepared as offerings in addition to burnt joss papers to honor their ancestors that are also burnt at funerals. Joss papers are also known as ghost or spirit money. They are sheets of paper that are burned in traditional Chinese deity or ancestor worship ceremonies during special holidays.

The Hungry Ghost Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. The festival falls on the 15th day of the Seventh month of the Lunar calendar - this year it falls on August 30th, 2023.

According to Wes Radez, Founder of Chinese American Family in California, that in addition to food and drink and burning joss papers as offerings, entertainment is also provided to the 'Hungry Ghosts' seeking earthly fun and comfort. This follows superstitions intended to keep mischievous spirits from bringing bad luck back to their doors. I see a connection, Trick or Treat?

Halloween, Or All Hallows Eve, is still more than 2 months away before being celebrated here in the United States and Canada (and some other European countries) And Day of the Dead in Mexico is November 2nd, but just as we see the similarly connected "dots" in all of the regions of the world, many traditions in each culture have the same threads and roots throughout as well.

For the entertainment of the "Hungry Ghosts" at the Festival, the first 2 rows of seats at performances are left empty so the souls ... the ghosts … of the dearly departed so that have their own place to 'sit'.

So, be sure to reserve a front row space for yourself and a loved one for the "Life With Ghosts" premier, and even save an empty seat in honor and memory of a dearly departed soul. They will appreciate your donation and offering to the film's mission ... and get that popcorn popped!

And, It’s OK to burn your joss papers aka Ghost Money, just don’t burn the popcorn! Talk about leaving a bad taste in one's mouth. Wouldn't to make any of the Hungry Ghosts mischievous. ...

See you on the red carpet in a couple of weeks,

Shawn Elaine Anderson, A 432 Life, LLC & Co-Founder of Pandora's Anvil Multimedia, Inc.

Pro-Bono Resonance Advisor

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