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28 days of Reign. Monsoons, Non-soons and 54 years ago hu-mans landed on the Moon

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Weathering the storms and the 5 day forecast: Friday 7/21/2023 is the last day to vote for spArxx Genesys™ in the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) awards, and Friday is also the 54 year anniversary of Neil Armstrong setting foot on the Moon.

As Phoenicians may recall, the summer of 2020 was not only the summer of COVID lock-downs, but also the summer of the Non-soon, the near non-existent monsoon season. That year, Metro Phoenix had two days of rain – July 24 with a tenth of an inch, and Aug. 20 with nine-tenths of an inch, the driest monsoon season on record since 1895.

The COVID lock down of 2020 was also the summer of Park recouping from a quadruple by-pass heart surgery after he had a heart attack Memorial Day weekend.

(Ten days later, when Park was discharged from Mayo Clinic hospital, I was handed my diagnoses by my internationally recognized Neurologist, also from Mayo Clinic.) This was the 2nd time that Mayo saved Park's life. The first time was in 2014 when he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Park used his time wisely when off of work and launched the A 432 Life Website.

Sunrise … Reign

Monsoon season here in the Valley tends to begin about mid June. And though the humidity is higher during Monsoon season and makes it more uncomfortable than the 'dry heat', the rains certainly help cool things down a bit (at least for the evenings) as the storms typically roll in about 4 PM. As in the line from the melancholy single, “Missing”, from the band Everything But The Girl croons ... "and I miss you, like the the deserts miss the rain..."

On Father’s Day 6/18/2023, I saw a post regarding Reign, a female Australian Blue Heeler Cattle Dog on a rescue site I have been following the last 6 months. My heart instantly knew that we needed that Reign too. On Monday, June 19th, 2023 at 4 PM we got Reign and brought her home. There were no storms that night … all was was quiet on the western front.

When I saw Reign’s pic and read that she had been so sick and was now at least 2, if not older, (and so many people want the the pups, the kittens, the younger ones with no issues … medical or mental health related ) her story really tugged at my heartstrings as I knew her chances for foster or adoption were lower than the others. I completely resonated with her story.

Reign was found around Memorial Day Weekend of 2022 abandoned under a porch up in the Navajo Nation in Northern AZ with her 8 pups. She was dehydrated, her gums were white. She was giving up her own very Life-source instinctively to her offspring.

The woman at the Heeler Dog rescue nursed Reign back to health from 2 tick fevers and cancer. Reign was bleeding out of her mouth and nose. Her pups had to be taken from her at 5 weeks in order for Reign to start her critically necessary chemotherapy.

Sunset … Finn

Memorial Day weekend last year is also the weekend Park and I found out Finn, our male Australian Cattle Dog, was sick. He almost collapsed in our back yard that Sunday and we thought maybe from the heat as it was already 95 degrees and, after all, Finn was now over 10 years old. We were stunned by this event as he had never shown even an inkling of illness up to this point.

We took him to a 24 hour vet and they said he was fine. On that Monday he was still not doing well, so we took him to another 24 hour vet. They ran a series of tests and thought maybe it was Valley Fever, but they braced us for the strong possibility that his condition could indeed be lung cancer. His chest x-ray looked like snow.

That Tuesday after Memorial Day we took Finn to Midwestern University Veterinary Clinic for further testing - and hopefully to receive some tangible answers. After an extensive day of anesthesia and much deeper testing, blood work, CT scans and MRIs, Finn was in an incubator as he now could not breathe on his own after this exhaustive and invasive day.

The Vet - who happened to be from Australia with a very strong Australian accent - told us very tactfully nothing could be done, palliative care only. I was feeling like a horrible mother. How could I not know my furry faced son was ill? The Dr. stated that it is amazing how resilient animals are. They are so tough and strong ... not even letting on that they are not feeling well.

The night Finn began bleeding out of his mouth and nose, we knew it was his last night on this plane of existence. June 15, 2022 was his final sunset. June 16, 2022 the final morning Finn left his paw prints on this earth …

spArxx Genesys™ … The Circle of Life

June 16, 2023 marked the 1 year anniversary of Finn’s passing over the Rainbow bridge and it was also Park’s deadline to file his patent continuation from his patent that was awarded on March 16, 2023. We are now awaiting the actual assigned patent number and the fancy plaque.

On June 19, 2023 the day we went to get Reign, the woman at the rescue stated that Reign really only barely tolerated being touched … that she was very indifferent to all humans. We could expect her to just pace a lot around the house and she would most likely tend to retreat to her crate more often than not.

Reign would not let us touch her at the rescue facility. She just darted around very fast like like the Phoenix bark scorpion hunting in the night. She had to be put in a crate in the car in order for us to drive her to our house.

Park and I had just seen Guardians of the Galaxy 3 at the movie theater on June 13th, 2023. It had been almost 7 years since we had been inside a showplace for the whole shebang and experience. A movie has to be be pretty special for us to actually go to the theater to see it. Either that or the AC is broke. We love the GOTG series … and I just love Rocket the Raccoon. Our AC was working just fine, thank goodness. (Park may be my hero, but a close running 2nd is Willis H. Carrier, the inventor of Air Conditioning.)

I felt Reign was like Rocket. A tough exterior, skittish, a hard road the first couple years of life may very well do that to you, but as we learn with Rocket and his character development, with time and trust there is a tender underbelly after all. And though as we are continually reminded by Rocket himself, that he is not a pet, he actually warmed up to being petted by his other newly adopted family members ... his fellow Guardians Of The Galaxy.

The woman who runs the rescue stated that it would take the right, patient, humans who could show Reign the world is not a scary place. We run a very low positive energy household here. We have routines. We understand that the healing nor the growth process can be rushed. We allow for natural, resonant patterns to shine through. We don’t force the square peg into the round hole. We just align our energies... our vibrations... our resonant frequencies with the Universal energies that with which we wish to align...Some call it Manifestation, A Universal Law, The Law of Attraction. It's the Matrix folks; just as Gregg Braden documented in his book, The Divine Matrix...and I married Mr. Anderson!

28 day cycles … rehab, reproductive & the Moon revolving around the Earth

This morning, July 17, 2023 marked Reign’s 28th consecutive day of AM walks with Park. A very early start is a must as we are in the middle of a brutal heat wave here in Phoenix. We may even get our first rain tonight as well.

Today was the start of Reign’s 28th day in this home - her own rehab program … from abandoned to rescued to fostered to a new, permanent throne.

Curious as I always am, I just have to to know “why”. I researched the 28 day rehabilitation model this AM after Park and Reign left for their walk. Why 28 days?

Interestingly enough, Daniel Anderson was one of the primary founders of the "Minnesota model," which became the dominant treatment protocol for addiction. At a state hospital in Minnesota in the 1950s, Anderson saw alcoholics living in locked wards, leaving only to be put to work on a farm. To find a path for them to get sober and leave the hospital, he came up with the 28-day model.

The Moon also has a 28 day cycle revolving around the earth, the same as a woman’s fertility cycle. (Neither myself nor Reign have to worry about that anymore as we are both fixed)

Ironically, this Friday, July 21, 2023 marks not only the last day to vote for spArxx Genesys™ in the MIDI awards, it is also the 54 year anniversary of Neil Armstrong, the first human, to step foot on the Moon on July 21, 1969 2:56 GMT/UTC. The area Armstrong stepped foot on is called “The Sea of Tranquility”.

256 is one of our resonant frequencies, a calming frequency. The 256 octave doubled is the C 512 and is one of frequencies in the spArxx Tonal Palettes™ Alpha 3, 10 note per octave tuning patch.

And don't forget ... 54 x 2 = 108 and 108 x 4 is 432. Love the resonance. We participated in a World Sound Healing Day back in February. Park created a very special meditation as a Universal Valentine to the Cosmos starting with the sacred 108 Frequency.

I just love to connect the dots … see the patterns … I pay attention to the coincidences … I find it more than amusing that Anderson is Park’s father’s surname (thus both our last names) and Armstrong is Park’s Mother’s surname.

Park wrote this song, Monarch, for his Mother, Marianne Armstrong Anderson, for her love of the Monarch Butterfly. You can take a listen to a 1.5 minute clip here:

In my last blog, I called attention to March 6, 2016 where Park and I were Royalty for a day. And though Park’s song, Monarch, is in regards to the Monarch Butterfly, we were The King and Queen that day. The Monarchy of the Medieval festival. We played the parts well. We owned the day, it was ours, we manifested it.

We may have lost our Prince, Finn, last year, when he transitioned over the Rainbow Bridge, but we have gained Princess Reign in our lives. The Circle Of Life continues …

And just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly Chuang Tzu

And though a Life well lived is a balanced Life and should not be lead as a competition (Life is best lead and experienced in cooperation and as a collaboration) we certainly do appreciate you VOTING for us! After all, we were only a Monarchy for a day...

1) Simply CLICK the "VOTE" voting box image link:

2) Enter your EMAIL and the "I AM NOT A ROBOT" verification.

3) Then CLICK the LAST RED hyperlink at the very BOTTOM: Software Prototype/Non-Commercial products (not commercial YET, but ours will be very soon!)

4) Park's spArxx Genesys™ is thee LAST (13th) product listed

5.) Anyone who votes MUST vote for THREE products total.

6.) A BLUE check-mark appears once selected.

REMEMBER to Vote for 3 products total ... Clearly the MIDI Association is creating a balanced voting process! And we REALLY appreciate 1 of your 3 VOTES being for our spArxx Genesys™.

The exposure in the MIDI awards spotlight is a great opportunity, in addition to the patent Park was recently awarded, for the next steps of the growth of the software and the next steps for us on our A 432 Life journey...

"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" Neil Armstrong

With Love, to the Moon and Back,

Shawn Elaine Anderson, The SEA of Tranquility helping the love-pouring Reign live her best life!

Embrace resonance.

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