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Diamonds and Retailers and Pears Oh my - the Holiday Season is upon us & I'm just fine with it...

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

A few days ago a 442 Carat "rock" was found in Africa by Gem Diamonds - Estimated worth, $18 Million. It is the largest diamond found (so far) this year, 2020.

Park shared this with me over coffee Sunday AM across our breakfast bar. Still a bit asleep, I was daydreaming: wow, Park is really getting ahead of the game for the holidays this year, I like this, (diamond) perhaps my subliminal (diamond) messaging was working after all ...(diamond)

A couple of weeks ago, I had to go into a craft store to get some supplies. All of the Holiday decorations were already out! My face looked like the kid from Home Alone (though Finn could not see my expression, I am certain he knew what was going on under my mask)

Usually I would be a bit "harumphy" about this. Why do the retailers need to 'ruin' the Holiday season and get out everything sooooo much in advance.

This same day, I also got the Harry & David 2020 Holiday Preview Catalogue in the mail. Oh no... not already I thought...

I used to work in retail in the 80's and the goal was always to have all Holiday items out by Halloween. That was too much for me! By December, I had had it with Silver Bells!! Halloween is still over 2 months away! ( vision Home Alone face again)

But today this all warmed my heart ( and it really didn't need warming as it was 110 that day!)

I truly got that little kid feeling, yay! The Holidays are right around the corner!!!! I started circling gifts in the catalogue....ohhh this is a good one for...and this one is just perfect for...

Park and I will be blessed to be given the opportunity to share this Holiday season together after only being married 5 years. And that is quite the gift given we will not be seeing any other family. I take nothing for granted now. The 20/20 lessons are never ending!

As I still needed to do my weekly blog post, Park had also just provided me some great fodder...


The first thing I think about when I think of Diamonds (besides the popular black and white silhouette-y De Beers commercials from the 1990s) is CARBON!

Carbon is thee building block of LIFE! "Life" is a pretty big topic, but our goal is to keep all the blog topics relevant to A432 LIFE initiatives (so no politics will be discussed here, you can trust us on that!)

Carbon is the 4th most abundant element in the UNIVERSE and is the building block of life on EARTH. ALL living things contain carbon in some form, and carbon is the primary component of macro-molecules - including proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, and carbohydrates.

There are 3 'natural' allotropes of Carbon (more on synthetic forms in latter blogs): Diamond, Graphite and Amorphous Carbon... which is COAL! So don't be mad if you get Coal in your stocking this year folks, it just may hold the Diamond in the rough.

We all have to keep searching...staying true to our 20/20 Visions... and beyond. Since Spring of 2020, we've all had to make the Lemonade out of why not Diamonds out of Coal!

The Diamond’s H-M Symbol (no, not referring to H&M Stores folks...sorry If I now have you all thinking about the Holidays 4 mos early) is 4/m3 2/m. Gotta love it, the symbol contains '4-3-2', and I am not digressing off topic. There ARE some AMAZING A432 connections to this H-M score.

The H-M symbol is a term used in Crystallography, the experimental science of determining the arrangement of atoms in crystalline solids.

Remember, I am the Metaphysical one in this A432 Life project that is now mine and Park's life's work and calling. He is the Music, Math and Techy guy...but trust IS ALL connected...

Until next week...


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