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Duality: In the Old West, outlaws would challenge others to Duels

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

... we challenge you to Duality!

Why may accepting Duality be a challenge you ask? Park and I chose the Yin Yang Symbol as the inspiration for our A432 Life company logo (slightly altered for illustrative purpose and our use ). This ancient Chinese Symbol represents complimentary - yet also contradictory concepts. It may be easy to accept such opposing concepts as: Sun and Moon, Day and Night, Man and Woman, Young and Old, Black and White.

And you might be saying 'we get it Shawn', the Earth wouldn't be habitable if there was no Sun or Moon or Day and Night. Yes, there are two genders in every species, Male and Female. Yes someone who is 5 is most likely considered Young and someone who is 95 is most likely considered Old. Yes, the Yin Yang symbol is Black and White. We get it.

But Here is the challenge to Duality: to truly accept the real meaning behind this ancient symbol. Would Life really be grand if there was only: Right, Good, Ease, Rich and Life? Maybe for some, but those concepts, too, have their Duality's: Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, Rich and Poor, Life and Death, Ease and Dis-ease. (paying homage to Wayne Dyer and his use of the word dis-ease)

The meaning behind the black dot in the white 'kidney' and the white dot in the black 'kidney' visually shows us how there is truly no separating the opposing duality concepts. The real challenge is then truly accepting the 'shades of gray' of the complimentary - seemingly contradictory concepts - together so that we can grow to our own personal best Life Balance - what is best for each of our own souls and the interconnection of other souls on this plane of existence. (We chose lavender for the word Life in our logo to denote the blending due to it's spiritual meaning)

It is sad to think of - and experience - a loved one of ours passing over, but as we all know, there is not just the Life side of Duality on this plane - there is Life and Death. The challenge here - or opportunity - is to not just accept these opposing concepts as fact, but to truly feel and know the essence of each.

Ease is the absence of Dis-ease. But if we are faced with a Dis-ease (a break up, a job loss, the death of a pet, a medical diagnosis that we don't particularly want at that time ...or any other time for that matter) how do we handle that Duality situation? Stomp and cry and say "I just want my Ease back!" Sure, I have done that. I am over half of a hundred years old. I am not perfect and have never claimed to be, I am just on my journey as you are on yours.

Mine and Park's crystal clear intention is to truly LIVE the rest of our Lives on this plane with the goal of striving to achieve the best balance possible of this cyclical reality of Duality. As Kelly Clarkson passionately sings: "Everybody's got a dark side, do you love me, can you love mine?"

There is a Buddhist saying: "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional". Park and I have both faced dis-ease in many ways over the years. As it relates to medical dis-ease, we take the lessons from the dis-ease and do the best we can then to balance that out for the best future "ease" possible... learning from any dis-ease situation that has been presented and striving - and doing the work - to get back to balance.

Change is the only constant on this plane of existence. If the year 2020 has not taught us all that so far, I don't know what else it has taught us. What personal (perceived) good has come from the the last 5 months of (perceived) bad for you? We challenge you (or rather invite you to the opportunity) to the Duality!

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