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Hocus ... Pocus ... FOCUS. Laser Focus is Magical in Making Your Dreams Come True

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

I was inspired by a powerful article I read today, How limiting your choices can actually increase your output, and it has me thinking ...

I am known for chasing butterflies and rainbows ... it is this lightheartedness that has brought me much "living in the now" joy in life. It is an essence of "me", but as the saying goes, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Clichés don't become clichés without some truth to them.

Park is known for his super-intense Laser Focus. Now that we're married, the two energies are also married, literally and figuratively, referring again to our amended Yin Yang company logo representing Duality.

Creative ideas are just that ... ideas floating around in the matrix for anyone to tap into from the collective consciousness ... You have to take that butterfly net and grab that idea down and make it real!

The A 432 Life, Inc. spArxx Tonal Palettes™ were conceived back in 2015 after Park locked himself in his back office most evenings and weekends for two years, first perfecting the math and then developing the code and then the music that birthed this software that I like to say is like crayons for musicians. Crayola started with 8 crayons now their biggest box is 120.

Heck, there are 23 different shades of red! But I digress. This 'incident' happened 3 months after we got married and I returned home from a 4-day trip in IL visiting family. Park looked like he had not showered or eaten the whole time I was gone. Prior to this, we were always out and about and very social ... always on the go, go, go. I was very happy my brother lived close by and liked my cooking. He was at our house a lot those 2 years.

I felt like Renee Zellweger after she married Kenny Chesney. They didn't make it 4 months. Had I married a mad scientist and I didn't know it? NO, I knew it. Park told me about 3 months into dating that he knew he was always going to be "doubling down" and doing something of his own on the side. Not just working 9-5 'for the man', then retiring and dying.

That is not the essence of Park. His ideas, energy and enthusiasm are contagious. That is why he is our CIO. Creator, Inventor and Originator. And I am PROUD to be his muse ... his now focused, rainbow-chasing Co-Founder and Resonance Advisor ... and wife. This is a package deal.

I referred in my blog on September 18th that we enacted a SIMPLE "1950's lifestyle plan" two years ago to truly bring A 432 Life to Life! We had to become more simple to allow the resources, mainly time and money, to be channeled into the A 432 Life and Mission. Sacrifices had to be made.

It was not easy when we lost my income when I quit my 10-plus hour a day job so that I would do everything in the household that needed to be done, sharing 1 car, eating every meal in. Healthy meal planning with all items purchased and ready to go to make the healthy meals quickly so that Park and I could focus our evenings and weekends on A 432 Life initiatives.

I think about some of the famous quotes on Simplicity, and really hunkering down to get things done.

Steve Jobs: "That's been one of my mantras - focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains."

Warren Buffet: “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say NO to almost everything.”

Memorial Day Weekend 2019 Park and I went back home to IL for my Step Mom's Memorial Service. From June to September we were on "lock-down" in Phoenix evenings and weekends working on our documentary film "Resonance Patterns, the Cosmic Harmony of Life". As Park is working full-time still, we had to ensure that in the evenings and weekends we both had the time and energy to really plow through the project. We were self-quarantining 9 months before COVID ... and A 432 Life was born.

My stepmom, Virginia, was always the one person who was so amazed with Park and his software and music. It was his honor to be responsible for music at her service. Our first A 432 Life "Life-Stream" was one year later over Memorial Day weekend 2020. I know my stepmom is looking down from the heavens very proud of him, of us.

It is has been a lot of "work" but it is not work to us. A 432 Life is our lives' calling, mission and purpose and we are Living it ... and accomplishing it every day. Yes, we have had to say "No" to a lot of things. Family gatherings, parties with friends etc. but this is our Labor of Love. This is our choice ...

I am now adding more quotes to some of my favorites:

Tim Denning: "Ask yourself what is a hard choice and what is an easy choice. The answer is to always make the hard choice."

In a blog about a week ago, Tim Denning had a final note in another one his captivating articles:

4. Become a content creator.

Content creators are part of one of the biggest wealth transfers in history. Everything is content. Storytelling through words, videos, audio, photography and illustrations is a booming business.

As 'Audio' includes MUSIC ... Park and I would have to say we're in strong agreement with his point #4 as well.

Until next time...

Shawn Elaine

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