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Living at Park Pace: A Tribute to my Energizer Bunny of a hubby this New Year of the Rabbit

A lot of us around the world celebrated the Gregorian calendar New Years just a mere THREE weeks ago, but Chinese New Year is today, Sunday, January 22, 2023. Happy New Year!

My previous blog (which was written as a tribute to Pythagoras and our dog, Finn) was posted on 11/22/2022 … which, in Numerology, is a THREE Day: 1+1+2+2+2+0+2+2 = 12. And 12 reduced is 1+2 = 3.

I'm strategically publishing this blog today … which is also a THREE day: 01/22/2023: 0+1+2+2+2+0+2+3 = 12, 1+2 = 3. THREE truly is Divine.

As an altered Yin Yang symbol is used for our Logo for A 432 Life, we are certainly aware of the Chinese New Year, and its meaning and symbolism. Most A 432 Life concepts are based on Buddhist, Greek, Egyptian and Jewish Kabbalah teachings.

(I have a future blog coming soon that will connect even more dots with our spArxx Alpha 3™ music tuning palette, and will pay more homage to Pythagoras and his Tetractys, as well as the Sephirot, the nodes of the Kabballistic Jewish Tree of Life)

This particular blog is reserved for tribute to my hubby, Park Anderson, whom I often refer to as the Energizer Bunny! For anyone who personally knows Park, they know that this man puts into motion the very definition of energy.

Though Park's Chinese zodiac sign is the Ox (sign number 2) this Chinese New Year is the year of the Rabbit (sign number 4) It is known that the Rabbit helps the Ox, so yes, today we fully celebrate the New Year, 2023.

The Tiger last year (sign number 3) presented many challenges (aka opportunities) for us in 2022. Guess what? THREE is still truly Divine. I fully owe many blessings to the wisdom lessons of the past year that are now in our rear view mirror.

As in the Western zodiac, each symbol tends to have some particular traits for anyone born under that sign. The same holds true with the Chinese zodiac. This karmaweather horoscope sums up the Oxen traits as I know them to be true of Park:

"Quiet strength irradiates from the Ox. A person born under this sign is self-confident and knows his life goals. Powerful and balanced, the Ox always manages to find the energy needed to get back on his feet, even when going through difficult times."

Doubling Down...

Well before Park and I were married, he told me, "I will ALWAYS be 'doubling down' on something". (And even though we got married in Las Vegas, he was not referring to gambling!) He put that out there, right up front, no hiding it. And he meant it. He referred to 'doubling down' as always doing some sort of side project, learning activity, or creative endeavor.

For example, back in 2008, while running his own business software company, he'd created some of his own math-based algorithms to help website graphics adapt to the rapidly-changing computer monitor sizes of that era.

I soon got to see this 'doubling down' first hand for myself, when THREE months after we married, Park got the initial spark of creation idea for the spArxx Tonal Palettes™. Back then, he was still working Part Time for the NHL, as well as working a separate Full Time job.

As the 'doubling down' now became 'quadrupling down' ... PT and FT employee, Newlywed and Inventor ... he stepped down from his position in the NHL to allow the space for more desperately needed time and focus.

Although the NHL is now a past chapter, his connections to ice hockey go all the way back to his childhood. In college, Park's hockey jersey number was 23 … and it's been his favorite and lucky number ever since. Come on New Year '23, we're ready and waiting for you! (This post will be my 23rd published blog). Park's love, support and encouragement is my spiritual springboard!

I call Park my 'Glad Scientist'. I used to refer to him as my 'Mad Scientist', but words are important as they in and of themselves hold certain frequencies and energy.

Though 'Mad' loosely used as an adverb can simply mean "very" or "extremely", GLAD is a much more appropriate term to use as I refer to Park on his journey the last few years. How honored am I that he refers to me as his Muse.

He has been patent pending for over a year now for his invention - the process of creating the tuning files- and he just submitted his non-provisional patent application a month ago. Celebrating the win of the patent award will be an amazing day for sure!

Going down the Year of the Rabbit Hole...

The term "Rabbit Hole" was first used in 1865 in Alice in Wonderland, taking on the meaning of getting deep into something complex … or … ending up somewhere strange, as Alice did.

Park did not end up somewhere strange at all. Instead, he ended up in a perfect magical palace of math and music … which led to him conspiring with the Universe to create our musical tuning software platform: spArxx Genesys™.

One day in November 2015 (actually when I was out of town on short family visit) he was deep down an alternative tuning rabbit hole, when inspiration came to him in a lightning bolt flash of creation … a connection, between musical tunings, and the mathematics behind those computer screen dimension algorithms from all the way back in 2008!

Finn, enjoying his papa's original music!

Park played keyboards back in the day in bands, and he's always played guitar, but he switched his instrument of creation from guitar to electronic synthesizer, and back down the rabbit hole he went! He reworked his old algorithms to generate tunings that could be played on the synth, and by February of 2016, the spArxx Tonal Palettes™ were born!

He protected his intellectual property, creating a holding company in October 2016 - A Year of the Rabbit Hole it was indeed. Since then, it's been quite an exciting, fun, (and at times, challenging) journey for him … for us.

I’m not a musician (nor do I play one on TV), but below is one of the first fundamental musical concepts that Park taught me and that I believe illustrates the true brilliance of his tuning file factory, the spArxx Genesys™ software.

In standard, equal tempered tuning, the musical note A is set to 440Hz (440 Cycles Per Second). And the musical note G, for example, is 783.9908719635Hz (Cycles Per Second).

As Park explains it, equal tempered tuning is a one-size-fits all standardized solution, but his spArxx Genesys™ algorithms instead identify and generate multiple sets of resonant tunings.

And, one of those resonant, math-based tunings … our A 432, 10 notes per octave, spArxx Alpha3™ tonal palette (where I contributed by making connections in the tuning to Pythagoras and the number 10) the G is 768Hz. 7+6+8=21 and 21 reduced is 2+1=3. DIVINE!

Park’s adventure down the Rabbit Hole took him "back to the future": relying on the ancient Pythagorean string lengths of the past, blended with the computer technology of the future … of the NOW …

Just as Crayola started off with just 8 crayons - red, yellow, orange, green, blue violet, brown and black - there are now 23 different shades of red alone! If Necessity is the Mother of Invention, then The Father is the Creator. For Park - and any Inventor, actually - it's more accurate to state Co-Creator. We're all co-creating our experiences on this plane together ... and with the Divine.

The spArxx Tonal Palettes™, born of the spArxx Genesys™ provide for new, vibrant, resonant musical hues for all to enjoy. Musicians and artists for composing and playing, and more resonant colors for everyone's ear and essence to experience.

Congo Lute with tortoise shell body
Photo Credit: Brooklyn Museum

We've come a long way since the first Ancient Greek Tortoise Shell stringed Lute instrument - nonetheless, the ancient is still sacred ... it's our roots. A wealth of information was dusted off Park's Year of the Rabbit Hole.

The Hare and the Tortoise ...

It was the Fall of 2018 when I, too, fell into the alternative music tuning Rabbit Hole, where we married Park's left-brained technical music & math strengths, with my right-brained mystical concepts ... and A 432 Life was born.

We created our amended Yin Yang logo presenting Duality denoting the challenge and opportunity of balance, the delicate dance to whole-ness, the Adagio of the perfect circle to ONE-ness.

As it was Fall when I fell into the Rabbit Hole, I ironically also went on a "Hayride".

Back in the 80's, Louise Hay started her own metaphysical publishing company, and wrote a number of self help, self healing and motivational books. One topic she is well known for is attributing un-wellness in the body to the mental energy we are giving to it.

Some 'thing' happened to me just as I readily accepted my pro-bono position as Resonance Advisor for A 432 Life. After moving nearly our whole house of furniture to get our carpets cleaned for the holidays, my hands swelled up like animal balloons and I fell very, very ill.

Louise Hay stated that when something is wrong with the hands, you are not "handling" something in your life appropriately. I was in Corporate America for 30 years. I attempted to go back to work part-time in the summer of 2019 only to become even more Ill. I had to quit … permanently.

As the poet Rumi stated: "The wound is where the light shines through".

I do not feel that (perceived) 'bad' things that happen to us (that we have manifested actually; the Universe is simply responding to the energy we put out) are always 'bad'.

Rather, let's focus on the (perceived) 'good' that came out of the event as well! Park and I were like 'Hares Squared' for the first six years we were together. That is just what it was.

THREE years after getting married … I suddenly became the Tortoise. I had to slow my roll. Period. Remember, the challenge of duality ... to strive towards the balance of whole-ness, ONE-ness. No rain, no rainbows folks ... and THREE is still Divine!

As we adjusted to my new-found, slower way of living, Park continued on as The Hare that he is - my Energizer Bunny hubby! He was still working full-time during the week, while continuing on his life mission with our tuning software in the evenings and on weekends.

Louise Hay posited that when times of un-wellness or dis-ease are upon us, to "find a positive way to spin even the worst of them". And that Park and I have done. Park has had his share of medical setbacks as well over the years, but together we are intertwined in the delicate dance of balance.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, "Life is a Journey, not a Destination".

Park remains that Hare (with that Hair!) and seemingly tireless energy. He is the Ox who stays steady with his life goals in laser focus, while I find myself - medically necessitated - retreating to my Tortoise shell and pace. Something I hardly ever did prior to 2018. I have discovered unexpected comfort, solace and my own esoteric creative spark, in my protective exoteric casing, more than I ever have experienced before 2018. A gift.

Both Park and I are Embracing the lights shining through our wounds, past and present, and Embracing the challenges - the opportunities - of Duality that lead us all to One-ness ... if we allow it.

Happy New Year! Whichever culture, customs or traditions you celebrate. Cheers!

Remember that each day … every moment actually … is a choice to dance with the Universe,

to just be in the flow (regardless if your flow is more Hare or Turtle), and to Embrace resonance.

With Love and Light,

Shawn Elaine Anderson

Resonance Advisor, A 432 Life

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