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Living in a Material World ... and I am a Material Girl

I read this fascinating article about Muslin fabric back on March 25th. Muslin, an ancient, delicately-weaved material that was coveted by Society's elites centuries ago, whose nearly lost art-form is now being resurrected so as to not become extinct.

By Dianelos Georgoudis - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

I got the spark for the topic of this blog when discussing the Shroud of Turin with my mother-in-law yesterday. This textile - believed by many to be the burial cloth of Jesus - is, in and of itself, "shrouded" in mystery and skepticism.

Using advanced technology, many tests have been done on the material to attempt to legitimize its historical accuracy. I had never heard that the blood type extracted from a sample was determined to be AB, (the most rare blood type ... representing approximately only 4% of the population).

My mother-in-law knows that she is AB, and I know that I am O+. And more shocking to me than any other factoid about the Shroud, is that my husband doesn't know his blood type! (List of things to do: find out Park's blood type ASAP.)

The Shroud was first mentioned in 1354, but then then was denounced in 1389 by the local bishop of Troyes as a fake. Currently the Catholic church neither formally endorses - nor rejects - the shroud. The shroud has been kept in the royal chapel of the Cathedral in Turin in northern Italy, since 1578. (Wikipedia)

Just as Park and I are delicately balancing the goals of A 432 Life, in order to blend music, nature and technology together ... Park is creating new software via new technologies while at the same time we are honoring ancient metaphysical mindsets ... and working diligently to not "throw the baby out with the bath water" in the process, as Park likes to say!


On March 26th (the day after I read the Muslin fabric article), I received an email from the owner of Tea & Lace, a clothing apparel business that I used to frequent at local bazaars in the Phoenix area. I simply adore her creations!

Clearly, this last year of lock-down impacted us all immensely in many different ways - this merchant was forced into the shadows with so many other so-called "non-essential" businesses. I was thrilled to read her announcement of a safe 1:1 shopping experience at a new location she was unveiling. I made my appointment for Good Friday, at 1:30 PM sharp!

I tried on (and ended up purchasing) an elegant piece that I absolutely had-to-have for a special event this weekend. A sheer tunic that possesses flowy sleeves, to help keep me cool in the desert heat ... and one that could authentically accentuate my newfound 25-pound, prescription-induced, unwelcome weight-gain unlike anything else currently in my closet at home could shroud.

As I whisked around to look at myself in in the mirror, she stated 'you look like you have angel wings' . I told her she was my angel for having opened this week. She was originally not going to open until the week of the 12th, but stated her angels were egg-ing her on ... "Open ... NOW" ! Yes, The Universe IS pure Energy!

I gladly purchased this garment - and an armful more - at unassuming prices, in addition to capturing timeless quality.


COVID has been a culture changer. Like a tornado that did not spare ripping through anyone's town, leaving mass destruction in its wake. But there are some silver lining of the clouds that still linger showcasing not only the resiliency of the human race and condition to rebuild - but also to continue to shine light on our need for personal contact.

Things are certainly looking up for end-of-year holiday season celebrations where Grandparents will finally once again get to see their grandchildren tearing through the wrapping of their presents in person. And not via an impersonal "Zoom" call. Surely the anticipation of a child (or even an adult for that matter) waiting not-so-patiently to unwrap a gift ... maneuvering their way to the contents inside the box ... can be quite a sight! I had the joy of witnessing Park do this just last Monday! More to come on that ...

I received an invitation to a bridal shower for later this April. I cannot attend, but I will be sending a gift. I love the theme. A "Display Shower". No gift-anticipation here ... the invite reads:

Traditions are changing, and showers are too.

So here's an idea, we're hoping you do.

Bring your gift, without paper or a bag.

Simply use a bow, and a gift-tag.

An unwrapped present, is just as sweet.

And will save more time, to mingle and eat.

We'll display your gifts, for all to see.

Then relax and honor, the Bride To Be.

I am not sure if the Bride will be wearing a veil or not, but what I do know is that I will be doing all that it takes to get myself across the county to be at that wedding, if at all possible. It is my Maid of Honor's son who is getting married!

Though I didn't wear a veil at my wedding ceremony with Park, the ancient traditions of wedding veils are quite interesting. From warding off evil spirits, to concealing a bride's face as in an arranged marriage, there is still nothing more romantic than the blushing bride-to-be anxiously awaiting her first kiss as a married woman. One reason my husband married me (amongst many others, hehe), is that I am anything but a Material-istic Girl ...

Until next time,

Shawn Elaine Anderson

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