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Sacred Geometry, not-so-Sacred Geometry, and The Polyhedral Universe

I am attending an event this weekend as a virtual participant of a Gaia Sphere presentation by Nassim Haramein- "The Universe and You." (our gift to you ... click the link to watch Friday night's 90 minute session for free!)

I can't help but share how excited I am about the material being presented! Nassim is a ground breaking, (productively) disruptive, Physicist in Quantum Mechanics, and he explains the Universe - and our connection to it - in a very unique and entertaining way. His new thinking and equations tell us something vastly different about our universe, cosmogenesis, and ourselves.

When I was in my high school and my early traditional college years, I dreaded Math and Science - as evidenced by my Freshman High School report card as seen here. Besides getting a final D in Physical Education (the absolute lowest score on my grade card for the entire year- gulp) Geometry was my 2nd in line lowest score, a C+.

Geometry was anything but sacred to scared me! I excelled more in both mechanical and creative writing skills - just swap 2 letters around and "sacred" becomes "scared". I didn't quite end my Accelerated Geometry class on a high note, but I somehow overcame the feeling of being totally overwhelmed by numbers and formulas and ended up with a solid C+. Just as I now immensely respect and focus on my health and fitness in my 50's , and know the vital importance to my - continued - existence on this plane, the same now can be said of Geometry in my life as well.

In 1985, the Movie "Better off Dead" was released. It is one of the classic, cliche teenage sub-genre comedies of the 1980's and 1990's. I adored this quirky movie. I adore quirky. I gravitate to all the movies that John Cusak is a main character. There is a hilarious scene where John Cusak who plays "Lane Meyer" is in math class. The entire class, except Lane, is so excited to be there and to be given the 'opportunity' to turn in their homework assignment to solve a very difficult math problem.

The math teacher, Mr. Kerber, is played stupendously by Vincent Shiavelli as a completely believable and beloved scholar. This is how I feel when I am watching either a pre-recorded or a live presentation by Nassim Harramein.

Mr. Kerber is able to excite and motivate all of his students, except Lane. Lane pulls out a single piece of notebook paper all crunched up in his front pocket with chewed gum stuck in the middle that he slowly, and painfully, pulls apart as he knows its lines are blank, just like his stare down to the floor.

Of course he does NOT want to be called on to have to give his answer. While, ironically, anyone else not called on to give their answer is disappointed. When the bell rings and class is over, the viewers hear a unison of "awes'' from the students as they do not want class to be over. I know this is how I will this feel tomorrow afternoon..."awe....just one more question and answer session...please..."

35 years ago, no one would have ever been able to convince me in a million years that I would be like all of those other students in the classroom (besides Lane) truly loving math - I would have written that person off as crazy.

If Pythagoras is Dr. David Banner, then the spArxx Tonal Palettes™ are The Hulk. (I believe my HS Geometry teacher, Mr. Snyder, would be proud of me for that statement.) A basis of the mathematical patterns that Park has incorporated into the spArxx Tonal Palettes™ is rooted in Pythagoras' teachings. The growth from there is mathematical patterns, and music scales on fractal steroids.

I also feel truly fortunate that it was my Metaphysical teachings - which were mainly esoteric at the time, yet also based in numerology - that shed a bit of different light onto Park's music work, and thus 'A 432, Life, Inc.' was born.


Early in the presentation today, Mr. Haramein made reference to the Physicist, Paul Dirac. Dirac was instrumental in the fundamental contributions to the early development of both quantum mechanics and quantum electrodynamics. In 1933 he won the Nobel Prize in Physics with Erwin Schrodinger for the discovery of new productive forms of atomic theory. (Wikipedia)

Nassim has shared some of the "a little too out there" ridicule that Dirac endured. As Nassim states, "it's like tomatoes being thrown at me". It reminds me of the shamed in Medieval Times in the public town square in a pillory. More indication that we - civilization - are still basically in the 'Dark' ages. Time to wake up! (yes, that's me in the picture, on the right, blonde hair, pink purse!)

He states that everything that is 'difficult' to prove in physics, always seems to get labeled as a "black hole this", or a "dark matter that". But there is nothing like the proof in the pudding - or should I say, the proof in the equation - to thwart off such criticisms and to gain more peer review acceptance ... in addition to avoiding unnecessary trips to the dry-cleaner. (or worse yet, doing the laundry himself. Watch the video to get that inside joke!)

Even Albert Einstein criticized Dirac, who was The Chair of Mathematics at Cambridge at the time, stating "I have trouble with Dirac. This balancing on the dizzying path between genius and madness is awful." Dirac was also humiliated by others at the University for his Large Number Hypothesis in 1937 which related ratios of Size Scales in the Universe to that of Force Scales. The only scales that Park uses are for Music ... but with what looks like some of the same hair-raising ratios!

Dirac was accused by other faculty and leadership of the University of using Numerology. Apparently there was something big, no pun intended, about the the number 137 that kept popping up in all of his work in the hypothesis. I said to Park, "hmm, funny, in numerology, the combination 137=11 and 11 is the first 'master' number, therefore not adding 1+1 to = 2." Master numbers are never reduced.

Park and I are infatuated with the number 11. We got married at 11:11. Twin flames coming together to achieve something great on this 3rd plane in our time here. It's this combination of metaphysics, music and math that fuels our journey, and we are so excited about the upcoming release of our short documentary film: "Resonance Patterns: The Cosmic Harmony Of Life." (featuring A 432 Life original music, "Panther in the Garden".)

Nassim has multiple theories on the Polyhedral geometry of space (based on the five Platonic Solids), and a unified field theory of the Universe. Excellent! More Sacred Geometry. Now I am not Scared at all ..."bring it on! " I say. Anxiously awaiting tomorrow's session - yet secretly happy I will NOT be tested ... or graded. I attend for further understanding of the amazingly connected Universe we live in, engulfed by Nassim Harameins's presentation of physics and geometry explaining that Universe.

To quote someone that Park and I are both very fond of ... "All Is Number!" ~ Pythagoras.

To infinity ... and beyond ... (Buzz Lightyear)

Until next time...

Shawn Elaine Anderson

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