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Self Discovery: From Spyglass to Looking Glass - Before Voyaging Outward, We must first look Inward

Aranmula Kannadi Mirror ... an alchemized metal mirror that does not distort your reflection.

I read the above this morning and magically, like being in the 'Hall of Mirrors', where I could not deny seeing myself even if I tried, I could not ignore this title: "See Yourself As You Truly Are". The article is talking about a reflection in a mirror that has special physical properties. I am referring to the Soul ...

The Aranmula Kannadi is a mirror ... a looking glass ... with a deep history. It is made from a secret alchemized metal recipe that does not distort a reflection like a plane mirror does. I am lucky to have a couple of honest human mirrors in my life who help me with this task of actually seeing myself as I a truly am ... with no distortion.

The evil Queen in ''Snow White and Seven Dwarfs" relies on her Magic Mirror to tell her what is really going on with her conflict with the fairer Snow White. We all need a Magic Mirror, a mirror that cannot lie, that will not lie! Even if we don't like the answers - we must ask the questions: Mirror, Mirror on the wall, did I hurt my sister in law's feelings on that call? When the Magic Mirror tells you, "yes", you must listen. Then 'do the work' to change what you don't like that's being reflected back to you.

The real questions, the hard questions, will get to the the heart of what represents Dissonance in you, and what you want to change - and more important yet - what represents Resonance within your Soul to ensure what is being reflected back to you from your Magic Mirror is your true Essence... so that you can move forward in this life, on this plane, with more ease.

What the Caterpillar calls the End, the rest of the World calls the Butterfly

~ Lao Tzu

I love this quote. In the last few months, so many of us have felt like the Caterpillar, hanging around in our Cocoons of goo, waiting to be born into our new selves ....not knowing what lies ahead.

Just when the Caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a Butterfly

~ proverb

2020 has been a year of Re-Discovery and Re-Invention for us all. I don't know anyone personally who has not experienced some kind of change in their lives with the new reality espoused on to us in mid March. Some of us may have experienced more changes than others in the last 7 months. I know of no one untouched. It is not a contest.

But what is true for us all is that we must move forward. We can't go backwards and we cannot change the past ... we can only move forward. We must continue to rely on our Magic Mirrors that do not distort. The only time you need to be relying on your Review Mirror is for safely driving on the roads ... and for past reflections and lessons learned.

The Real Voyage of Discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes

~ Marcel Proust

We all need to peer critically into a distortion-free looking glass ... first for the crystal-clear answers of our intentions, and then, and only then, can we grab our spyglasses, our telescopes, and set out for new Voyages ...

As Buzz Light Year would say: To Infinity ... and Beyond ...

Until next week,

Shawn Elaine

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