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The Divine Triangle: What a special K9 taught me about Life, Death and the Power of 10

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

This coming Thanksgiving holiday weekend will mark the THREE year anniversary of some divine downloading that was "dished out" to me from the Great Cornucopia of Universal Intelligence!

The Cornucopia - the Horn of Plenty - as depicted in Greek Mythology: The Cornucopia belonged to the goat Amalthea ("Nourishing Goddess"), who protected and raised the infant Zeus, who even as a little boy had enough strength to break off one of Amalthea’s horns while playing. The horn then had the divine power to fill up with everything the owner wanted.

I was served the Dream of Ten (Dream Often!) ... as above, so below, my slippers say so! Perception is reality. Ten has been quite the object of my attention the last 3 years.

Fill in the blank: "a perfect ______." Bo Derek in _____. On a scale of 1 to ______. Yes, TEN is a very powerful number indeed. The number Ten is truly perfect in its own right.

So, three years ago I eagerly shared my fruitful findings with Park, and encouraged him to incorporate not only the math, but also the mysticism, of the perfect '10' TEN into his A 432 Natural Tuning software (the spArxx Tonal Palettes™). He did, and I am honored to have made this 'eternal intellectual property' contribution.

As a domino effect, my co-offering of UI (Universal Intelligence) impacted the development not only of the core and base spArxx Alpha 3™ tonal palette with 10 notes per octave - our unique angle on Pythagorean tuning - but also Park's subsequent refinement of the Natural Ancient Tunings from this perfect A432 seed...

My inspiration came from the teachings of Pythagoras and his Tetractys. It was his belief that that the entire Universe could be explained by the combination of each of the numbers 1 to 4: 1+2+3+4 = 10.

The perfect 10 guiding our existence to ONE. In esoteric numerology, 10 is 1+0 = 1.

The Tetractys is represented as shown; the Hebrew symbol for 1 (the yod) in perfect alignment; a Decad is housed in a triangle creating a 1 dimensional Pyramid comprised of two 90 degree triangles.

A 90 degree triangle is, of course, a 'right' triangle from which the Pythagorean theorem was derived. A seemingly simple formula as shown below, yet with its' roots sprouting a much more complex, and Dogma-esque Divine triangle.

Academ Through a jigsaw puzzle the Pythagorean theorem - EDITED
Image credit: Baelde | CC BY-SA 3.0 | Wikimedia Commons | "Academ_Through_a_jigsaw..." EDITED

In their book "Numerology and the Divine Triangle", Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker provide a blueprint when applying esoteric Numerology practices, that we can use to map out our Life Path.

Last year, I entered the C-squared "box" of WISDOM - encompassing age 54 to 81. It is in this period of life we give way to much introspection. We reflect on our past failures and accomplishments, the here and now - present time - taking pause at this station, before acquiring the next ticket into the future dealing with such issues as death, and the immortality of the soul.

Fully now ensconced in my mid 50's, clearly I have not escaped heartbreak, dealings with death, or other 'loss' experiences that have made me stronger as a whole. I am not in a Bell Jar.

Nonetheless, since Finn, our beloved furry faced boy ... our adopted son since 2013, and the official Mascot of A 432 Life ... passed away suddenly at age 10 in June - this Dog Ma has found herself guilty of loitering at the Life Path train station platform, trying to find my new balance, rearranging my luggage and preparing for the next junction of my Divine Triangle Life Path.


Park and I crafted the altered Yin Yang symbol (below) for our A 432 Life logo, honoring Duality in the quest for a Life of Harmony, via patterns of resonant frequencies ... manifesting our unique and active space in Humanity and the Collective Consciousness.

The Yin Yang symbol represents the delicate and perfect dance of duality with a symbolic dot in each 'kidney' denoting the inherent non-separateness of (seemingly) opposing concepts; day & night, sun & moon, life & death. The smart soul should not shy away from the work that needs to be done on this sojourn of balance.

And so it was that Park and I had to engage with duality head-on: Finn had a very hard night on the 15th. The next morning, after sleeping on the floor with our trusted companion - knowing that these would be our final moments together - we now had to prepare to start the 2.5 hour drive back down to the Valley to have Finn euthanized. We certainly did not want him to suffer.

When I took this picture on June 15th, I was not thinking that my final goodbye to him (on this plane) would be less than 24 hours later.

June 16th, 8:08 AM, Finn passed over to the rainbow bridge, peacefully in my arms, in our RV.

As he passed naturally, time was of the essence to get him to the clinic, as we had previously made the decision to donate his body for research.

In the time that it took us to get back to the Valley, rigor mortis was already setting in. Never before in my life had there ever been a circumstance ... whether for a dearly loved animal or human ... for me to be exposed to this particular hardening experience. Welcome to the Wisdom stage of the life path, I suppose?

We pulled in to the front of clinic, but they needed us to rush over to the pathology building in our RV, where they would meet us there with a cart to take Finn's body away to be prepared for the necropsy and autopsy.

Everything was happening so fast, and though I do understand the why ; time was truly of the essence so that they could still perform the necropsy - but - I cannot un-see his body being dragged very quickly out of the RV, as though the unlucky casualty of a deer hunt.

It is this vivid memory I now have that truly reinforces the Wisdom ... a vision, reminding me daily for the last 5 months, that a body is just a body. It is NOT our essence. A body is not the 'stuff' of eternal energy of the singular collective consciousness. The Soul is ... Love is ...

Finn was the poster-child for Mindfulness. Living in the moment, giving unconditional love every minute of every day, right up to his last moments and last labored breaths.

I am human, so therefore I am grieving his loss from my life. Both Park and I are 'doing the work' needed to heal our hearts. Finn was my velcro dog. I was his ESH, Emotional Support Human and he was my ESA, Emotional Support Animal.

Yet as Buddha teaches, we are not to be too attached to anything physical on this plane, as everything on this plane is only temporary. If I allow my grieving to last indefinitely, that would rob my soul, and I would be guilty, therefore, of my own suffering. So, I continue on my 'Wisdom' sojourn around Pythagoras' Divine Triangle and Life Path, excited for what is to come ...

Nothing can take away the nearly NINE years that this special K9 gave to us, and us to him. Park and I have attracted lots of love in our Canine Cornucopia, and are manifesting a new addition to our own divine family triad. When the students are ready, the teacher will appear.

Finn, you absolutely were the perfect 10! We miss you dearly and will see you on the other side ...

By publishing this blog today, according to Numerology and The Divine Triangle, this date, 11/22/2022, is: 1+1+2+2+2+0+2+2 = 12. And, 1+2 = 3.

Three is Divine ... and, this number's energy is "to become involved in the full joy of living". Bring on the Dog Ma, I say! I am ready. Once a Dog Mom, always a Dog Mom.

Wishing you Sweet Horns of Plenty this holiday season,

Shawn Elaine

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